Love the Life you Live: A Backpacker Bucket list


One of the reasons I decided to travel was so that I could explore the world before I decided to settle in one place. The UK never felt like home to me, so I wanted to explore some of my options…


The UK is where I was born and bred (No, I know I was from an island, but no matter what you say, it isn't french. I am not French. I am British. Deal with it.) so living in London was something I always felt like I should do. I adored it in so many ways but it wasn't a home. Perhaps it was because of the living situation - an 8 bedroom house share with 15 other people in an old converted funeral home, next to a cemetery in an…unpleasant area of West London. The city itself is wonderful, and should I ever have the money/work to try living there properly I will happily give it another go, but a home? Not yet. 

Paris/Rural French village

I've always lived close to france (7 miles to be exact, pretty little view from the bedroom) but I've hardly visited. Why? It's just too damn hard to get to. I studied French for years but I was still abysmal; I think to learn something like that I would have to fully immerse myself. Hence the rural village; to experience, live and learn the french culture would be incredible. Paris? Well who wouldn't.

New York

16 years old and I'm walking down rows of brownstone buildings; around the galleries of Chelsea and through the greens of Central Park. New York feels just like the films. It is alive with everything you could dream of; I may be a small town country girl but cities like these feel just like home.


2 short months and I fell head over heels. It actually only took about 2 hours but still. Melbourne is so…vibrant. There are no other words. Every weekend there is another festival, show, street fair, fireworks display - it's endless. Yes, it gets cold. It also gets very hot. It's like the UK, but with actual extremes - unpredictable, it keeps you on your toes. Right now, Melbourne is the dream for the future...

South East Asia

This was a new one in fact; I recently made the decision to return to Asia for a few months so as to explore what I missed before. But after researching a while I decided to complete my TEFL course and teach somewhere for 6-12 months. There are places in asia that I detested (See Jakarta…) but the majority was a jungle of beauty. I think it's time I tried somewhere completely new, so come January next year I should be making a new (temporary) home.


I haven't met a single person who has visited Chicago and not adored it. I applied to Northwestern University, Medill for a MSc in Magazine Journalism back in 2008. I got in. But funding and timing issues stopped me. Unfortunately I had already done my research into the city and found an itch that simply must be scratched. 


Another country that allows some of us foreigners to come work and live for a year is Canada. With a more stringent WHV scheme it's a gamble as to whether you can get in, one that I will be entering in a year or so (because why the hell not). 

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